Quality Assurance

Lumen is committed to providing high quality data to help your organization make important decisions. We take pride in our quality data collection strategies: when conducting tests for repeat accuracy during our pilot phase, we achieved consistency levels of above 95%, with all survey questions revealing no significant difference at the 95% confident level. 

We work hard to ensure that each survey we conduct has systematic procedures that prevent unethical or unacceptable practices. Below are some of the methods we employ to ensure robust and accurate information: 


on-the-ground panelist recruitment

By recruiting participants at the community level, Lumen is able to verify the bio-data that our panelists provide. During recruitment, Lumen is able to build trust with the community (please see our recruitment methods). 


Consistency Checks & Straight lining

To help check the consistency of a respondent's answers, we may ask a question in a variety of manners- reversing the wording of the question, asking in a positive versus negative voice, etc. (ex. "Do you feel that schools fees should be lower?" paired with "Do you feel that school fees are too high?"). We may also employ straight lining: asking diverse questions using a scale. This allows us to screen participants who rush through the survey by selecting the same type of answer. 



Every data set will be scanned by qualified analysts to identify suspect responses and outliers. Statistical tests are used to check for anomalies, as well as to ensure acceptable standard deviations. 


“Intuitive” Questions

To ensure that respondents understands the survey process, we may include "intuitive" questions that we expect them to answer in a certain way (ex. "Do you live in Kenya?"). 



Lumen conducts the same survey twice within an interval of time in order to measure the consistency of responses on a question by question basis. If the data is robust, we expect to see similar or exact results across both surveys. 


Quality survey design & avoidance of question fatigue

Every question will be crafted and tested before being deployed to our panelists. Our surveys are limited to roughly 10 questions per issue, avoiding situations in which our respondents feel overwhelmed by question fatigue. We strive to make our surveys short, interactive, and conversational. 


Intrinsic Motivation

We believe that good data begins with trust. Lumen's relationship with our panelists is founded on one of the strongest bonds of trust available: the bond between a family and their child. Our respondents understand that providing data about their lives enables an affordable computer education for their children- creating intrinsic motivation for high response rates, and accurate information.