Working together to shape the future. 

Lumen believes that the greatest impact comes from working together towards a common vision. Currently, our Lumen labs feature Endless Computers, a CPU designed to overcome the challenges of learning and connectivity in remote regions. Pre-loaded with hundreds of applications and content for education, Endless provides Lumen with a unique operating system that is intended to teach computer literacy to first-time users, with our without web access. 

We've also teamed up with Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK), a Kenyan non-profit that distributes refurbished computers to schools across the nation. Working through the infrastructure network they have established, Lumen is able to scale our model and impact to reach more lives.

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A special thank you to the following individuals who helped make our work possible through their generosity: 

Jeff Cendejas                                                           Mike Hill                                              Jack Perkins                                 Sid Sapru

Claire de la Mothe Karoubi                             Brian Lieberman                             Kyle Pham                                     Katrina Tan            

Shoko Furukawa                                                    Nadia Mabika                                   Shawn Rhoads                             Joy Xu

Elise Green                                                                Paulson Ong                                      Mario Sanchez Prada                          

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