Impact Measurement Program (IMP)

After realizing that many organizations struggle to quantify the impact that they have on their beneficiaries, Lumen developed an Impact Measurement Program (IMP) to help private organizations collect data, and tackle this challenge. Our IMP program is designed for organizations that:

a)      Have beneficiaries that can benefit from computer training.

b)      Would like to collect data to better understand their beneficiaries.

Under this program, Lumen works with an organization to design custom impact metrics and surveys, which are integrated into our curriculum, and collected by the organization's beneficiaries among themselves. To support this program, Lumen provides each organization with a teaching fellow that is trained to deliver our curriculum.

For example, let’s say an organization wants to better understand how stipend money that they give their beneficiaries is used. We work with that organization to design questionnaires that track financial behavior, and integrate them into our course curriculum. We then enroll the organization's beneficiaries into our learning program, where they will be taught to collect data from each other via the questionnaires. While the beneficiaries work with the collected data on computers to master computer literacy skills, our data analysts separately aggregate, clean, and provide the collected data to the organization.

If your organization is interested in participating in our Impact Measure Program, contact us and let us know.